Monday, 24 July 2017

Creating Azure SQL Database from Azure Portal

Creating a new Azure SQL Database from Azure Portal

Azure SQL Database is a database-as-a-service which is highly performance-driven, secure and trustworthy. With Azure SQL Database, you can now create websites or applications without requiring to manage the infrastructure. This enables you to concentrate more on data and application stuff and back-end is managed by Microsoft. Today we will learn how to create Azure SQL Database using Azure Portal.

Please follow below steps-

  1. You need to login to Azure Portal-> Please sign up on it if you don’t have an account already.
  2. Once you login to the portal, you need to go to the left pane of the main page and click-> SQL Databases. You will be presented with a window like below-

Create Azure SQL Database using Azure Portal

3) Click Add to add the new Azure SQL Database and you will see the below screen-

configuration settings for Azure SQL Database

4) Fill in all the mandatory details like Database name, Subscription, Resource group, Select source, Server etc. You can use an existing resource group or create a dedicated resource group to be used for the new Azure SQL Database. In Select Source box, you can choose to install a blank database. You also have an option to create a sample database or create a database from a pre-existing backup of any other database.

5) You need to configure Server Setting once you are done with the above specified details. To do that Click on Configure required settings under Server tab. Once you click, you will be presented with another new tab to select an existing server or create a new Server. The screen will look like the one which is copied below-

Configuration and server settings for Azure SQL Database using Azure Portal

6) If we already have a Server we can choose that by selecting that server. In case we want a new Server to be installed altogether for this Azure SQL Database then we will click on the -> Create a new server link and supplying the mandatory information like Server Name, Serveradmin Login, Password and Location. Here in the example I have taken sqltest as the Server Name, Rahul as the Server admin login (please give a strong password for this admin login as you will be later logging in to the SQL Server using this login only). We have selected West Europe as the location. Allow Azure services to access server will be enabled by default and we will leave it as it is.
7) Next, we will have to select the pricing tier for our Azure SQL Database. We can choose among basic, standard, premium and premium rs tiers as per the requirements. Then verify the details of DTU and pricing from the same page and once everything is verified don’t forget to apply the changes.
selecting pricing tiers for Azure SQL Database from Azure Portal

8) Finally, you should select the desired Collation and click on Create.
So, this will create your Azure SQL Database which you can connect from database engine and manage your data. Azure Portal seems very user friendly and direct.


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